What actually happened during the US presidential election?

Nobody saw this coming, but Donald J. Trump defied all the expectations and broke all the rules of politics to get elected as the president of The United States of America on 11/9/2016 beating one of the much known face in American politics, Secretary and former first lady Mrs. Hillary Clinton. This reminds me of another important date which is 9/11. Only future will tell if this is a mere coincidence.

In many ways, this election is an important political lesson for everyone. The triumph of Mr. Trump will be investigated by many political students in the future and this story will become an integral component of many study theses throughout the world for many years.

Mr. Trump is now also capable of breaking another stereotype deeply rooted in our society, where experience is considered a big asset. With no experience in politics, Mr. Trump, is going to be hired in the biggest job on the planet Earth. Isn’t it interesting?

To consider this win just as a result of racisms, sexisms and hatred would be very foolish. We have seen many nasty political leaders in the history who like to play the blame game and hide their political failures.

Now let’s try to analyse what actually happened in the American politics causing one of the most stunning political setback in the history. After all, how a person with massive personal flaws can achieve this triumph and how were American people ready to overlook his flaws.

Mr. Trump started his campaign on a very low note. Nobody believed he would reach this far as they were too busy mocking him time and again. After some months of bitter campaign, he didn’t only win the ticket, but also crushed his competitors with a landslide margin reflecting people’s dislike towards elite politicians with grasp of the party administration. But, this was just a beginning. After that, election campaign began and the rest is history.

Long gone are the presidential debates, long gone are the bitter campaigns, but the results are here and they are not very shiny. People showed their dissatisfaction towards a corrupt political system, but the sad part is they didn’t have a great choice. There was a desperate need to find a good candidate from both political parties who would be a voice of all Americans but neither of the parties did so. What happened?  Mr. Trump acted more smartly and people listened to him. He tapped into the anger of middle-class people who were absolutely heartbroken and were tired of established self-centered politicians whose unfair system was allowing the rich to become richer and the poor to become poorer.

Best among the worst two is another theory behind this setback. For many years, controversies and scandals haunted Mrs Clinton so hard that she eventually had to concede against the most underestimated presidential candidate. How could democrats be so ignorant? How could they make such risky decision which could backfire them so hard? How could they not find any other better candidate for the presidency than Mrs Clinton? Only they can answer. Many think that the election results would be different with any other candidates from democrats, not to mention the movement of Bernie Sanders.

Let’s explore a little bit about the secret trump weapon which served as a magic wand helping him to pave the path from the Trump Tower to the Pennsylvania Avenue. Mr. Trump was able to appeal to the heart of many frustrated Americans, not their heads. Oh his magic words, people are going to remember them for long. He brought real excitement in people when he stated “Drain the Swamp”, “Make America Great Again” and “My contract with you” repeatedly during his campaign. Mr Trump was a perfect example of a mind reader who grasped the heart of people with tendency to keep their brain inside the left side of their chest.

Many people might not agree, but Mrs Clinton had less clear agendas than Mr Trump. Mrs. Clinton heavily invested to go against Mr Trump through mainstream media powerhouse like CNN rather than making her agenda strong. When Mr Trump was staying firm about stopping Muslim immigrants and deporting illegal immigrants, Mrs Clinton seemed to have no clear cut idea about immigration, rather than sharing the same view as Obama. Her lack of strong views in the issues like NAFTA, creating jobs, tax and many more further helped Mr Trump to achieve this victory.

The excessive play of women card made this election very memorable. Mrs Clinton used every possible way to make Mr Trump look bad in front of voters. Only accusers know the truth of those sexual allegations, but those were certainly cheap strategies of the Clinton campaign. Instead, she should have spent more time to reach as many voters as possible through campaign.

Another worthy mention here is a power of social media. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, Mr Trump used these two powerful tools to spread his message. The hostility of the mainstream media towards Mr Trump and his tactical decision to reach people directly, through Facebook and Twitter had direct impact on the common people. How people took all those posts? It’s difficult to answer, but nobody can deny their role.

After two days of the election, people are overthinking as they always do. They are thinking about division and white supremacy. This further creates division among already divided American citizens. Those 43.1% eligible voters who didn’t vote in the election are equally responsible for this setback. Instead of protesting now, they should learn from their mistake and make every possible attempt from their side to stop division among Americans.

This is my appeal to all the Americans: Let’s stay positive, learn something from this election and consider this as four more years of trial. Let’s not forget, we always hold a power to elect a better candidate after four years and nobody is going to seize that from us.